It's all fun and games when you're in the honeymoon phase of your relationship. Shit gets real, super close, and disgustingly comfortable when you and your partner cross the long-term barrier.

For instance, the earlier sighting of a tiny bit of facial hair which would send you into a tizzy is no cause for concern whatsoever now.

Love was all about grand romantic gestures like making soup for your sick partner or picking them up if they're injured. Now it's just you lovingly informing your partner about how much you stank up the loo.

There's no need to pretend you're totally into the indie music scene or that obscure Bruce Springsteen song anymore. You both proudly jam to “lagavelu jab lipishtick” and the likes now.

It's not about fancy fine dining anymore. You're happier eating pizza in your pyjamas at home.

The most romantic thing you do now is compliment your partner about how epic their burp was.

And then go back to watching Netflix in your couch like the collective slobs you are now.

The romantic sweet nothings which took a while and a lot of thought to write have mostly vanished. Your texts are mostly practical instructions or some kind of monosyllabic form of romance only you both can decode.

You're so disgustingly comfortable that when you see a booger hanging out of your partner's nose, you don't just tell them about it. You just reach for it and clean it yourself.

You literally have no boundaries. None.

Dressing up in racy lingerie to go to bed are all happy memories for you now. You'll wear just about anything and sleep in just about any position that's comfortable for you.

You fought about things like your exes and other banal things. Now it's all about the real things like the toilet seat, the food you didn't share, or the show you watched without them.

Despite the lack of boundaries and disgusting intimacy levels, you know there’s no one else you’d rather go home to.


Design Credits: Lucky Mehndiratta