Harohalli Srinivasaiah Doreswamy has seen a lot in his life, he has seen the country changing in front of his eyes.

He has seen India under the British rule and he has seen it getting the freedom, after years of resistence.

The Hindu

So, it was a monumental moment when he became a part of a protest in wake of a recent attack on JNU students and the implementation of CAA.

101-year-old freedom fighter joined people in Bengaluru for a recent Satyagraha hunger strike. 

And the video of him breaking the fast with coconut water is now going viral on the internet. 

Harohalli Srinivasaiah Doreswamy has had a long history of protesting against injustice. He, along with his brother, planned to make time bombs with the aim of destroying government documents during the pre-independence era.

Upon being jailed, he followed Mahatma Gandhi’s footsteps and opted for Ahimsa and Satyagraha (non-violence and fighting with peace).

Later in 1947, he took part in the Mysore Chalo Movement, by publishing articles in his newspaper.

Harohalli Srinivasaiah Doreswamy represents India’s fight against injustice, showing that people from all backgrounds, faiths and ages are together against discrimination.