For decades, the marine life of the world has been suffering from the results of man-made pollutions. But 12-year-old Haaziq Kazi from Pune claims that he has built a ship that can help clean up the oceans and save marine life. 


Kazi has named his invention ‘Ervis’ and has already presented his idea to international audiences on platforms like Tedx and Ted8. 


Speaking to ANI, Kazi said:

I watched some documentaries and realised the impact waste has on marine life. I felt I had to do something. The fish we eat are eating plastic in the ocean, so the cycle of pollution comes to us. Hence, I came up with Ervis.

Speaking to Times of India he said that his machine sucks in the water from the ocean, which is then segregated between marine life and waste. 

Marine life and water are sent back to the ocean, while waste is segregated into five more parts.

He added that a sensor fitted in the ship also segregated the plastic according to its size. According to reports, there are other sensors fit in the ship’s hull to detect marine life and water and separate them from the waste.

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Kazi said that the idea of building such a ship had come when he was merely 9-years-old. Currently, he is working with various conservation organisations and forums to create awareness about oceanic pollution and the various ways to prevent it.