A 15-year-old from Dehradun has written a letter to the Prime Minister, which somehow makes more sense than most adults in this country.

Edex live

At a time when it seems like the Gods have abandoned us, 15-year-old Abhinav has asked PM Modi to make it mandatory for religious trusts to pay 80% of ‘God’s wealth’, so that we could use the money to help those in need.

I am sure God would be happy to bless us if this money saves god’s children. We all will have more faith in humanity.

-Abhinav Kumar Sharma

India Today

Speaking to India Today, Abhinav, whose parents work in healthcare said: 

With god’s grace, my Mom and Dad come from a medical background and are going to the hospital every day so they share stories and situation related to COVID-19… Our Prime minister has suggested that only social distancing can save us at this time. So, I am hoping this lockdown may partially be extended but there should be better arrangements so that nobody suffers

It only makes sense, doesn’t it? If God loves all his kids, he shouldn’t have a problem giving us a bit of cash to get through the apocalypse.