Childhood crushes are a lot of fun. We’ve all had our fair share of obsessive fondness for a certain someone. However, there’s a particular kind of crush, a more ‘politically incorrect’ crush that most of us have experienced. When you feel you are in love with your teacher! School suddenly becomes fun and homework becomes dream-work. Even the school bell cannot wake you up from her magical class!

We’ve put together a list of 19 things we’ve all done when we had a crush on our teacher!

1. Your reaction when you saw her for the first time.

And then everytime you saw her!

2. This was you when she called out your name for the first time.

3. This was you, each time she took your name in class.

4. You didn’t miss any opportunity to help her out.

5. Started every morning checking your time-table & hoping she had 2 back to back classes.

6. Took 4 different shortcuts and 5 different sets of stairs just to land in front of her and wish her good morning

7. Mug up even the most difficult equations just to impress her.

8. Always, ALWAYS, stay mum in her class, only for the class to get over & then pounce on her with 100 doubts.

9. Did detective work to find out if she took home tuition.

10. Acted mature in front of her to prove you weren’t a little kid like the other boys.

11. Playing F.L.A.M.E.S on the last page of your notebook and getting the L you always wanted.

12. Your favourite color changed every day according to the color of her sari.

13. Girls in your class always paled in comparison to her.

14. Never, EVER cheated in her paper. EVER.

15. Refused to speak to your classmates who said anything remotely negative about her.

16. Getting a seat next to her in the school bus was pure ecstasy.

17. Felt that life was empty and meaningless when she took a leave.

18. This is what your friends had to say about your little crush.

19. And even now, any other person by her name reminds you of her.