The fury of Mumbai rains has led to the death of two friends, Irfan Khan, 37 and Gulshad Shaikh, 38 who were trapped in a Scorpio, while driving through a clogged underpass, in Malad late at night on Monday. 

Source: NDTV

According to NDTV, as water penetrated the car engine, the automatic doors got jammed and the men were unable to get out of the situation. 

Source: The Economic Times

The families have demanded an explanation for the water clogging from the civic authorities and the police.

Source: Huff Post

In a span of 24 hours, Mumbai has experienced it's heaviest rainfall in a decade. Twenty Two other victims have been taken by the calamity. A Spicejet flight skidded while landing, although there were no reported injuries and passengers were safe, the incident did force the airport authorities to seize functioning of the main runway.  

Source: Business Standard

The Maharashtra government has declared a holiday in Mumbai and Thane. 

Mumbaikars, please remain indoors and stay safe. Incase of any emergencies, refer to the helpline numbers. 

Source: DNA