Charlotte O’Dwyer, a 20-month-old girl from Australia, said her final goodbye to her firefighter father who lost his life controlling the bushfires in New South Wales, Australia. 


In a series of heartbreaking pictures, Charlotte was seen wearing her dad’s helmet as she stood by his casket during the funeral and stood by her father’s side. 


Andrew O’ Dwyer was one of the two volunteer firefighters who died fighting the deadly blaze after a tree fell down and pushed their truck off the road. 

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According to People, the Rural Fire Services Commissioner, Shane Fitzsimmons honoured Charlotte with Andrew’s service medal, as he pinned it on the toddler’s dress. In his eulogy, he further revealed: 

Charlotte should know her father was a selfless and special man, who only left because he was a hero. 
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Unaware of the gravity of this situation, the 20-month-old toddler was also seen sitting under her martyr father’s casket, munching on a bag of chips. 

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Though this pure and naive moment brought a smile on many of the mourners’ faces, tears streamed down Charlotte’s cheek as said she said her last goodbye. She kissed her dad’s coffin for the last time. 


Knowingly or unknowingly, the little toddler honoured her martyred father’s legacy in the most heartwarming way possible.