Anupriya Lakra from Odisha's Maoist-hit Malkangiri district has inspired many young girls after becoming the first female pilot from the region. 

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According to reports, this 27-year-old left Engineering midway and in 2012, joined the Government Aviation Training Institute (GATI), Bhubaneswar. She will be joining a private airline as a co-pilot. 

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Lakra's proud father added

I am very proud of my daughter. Since childhood, she wanted to make it big in life and today she has succeeded in doing so. All the credit goes to her hard work and to her mother who stood by her through thick and thin. It is a big achievement for somebody from a backward district like Malkangiri. Her success has come after seven years of hard work
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Lakra's mother, who is yet to see an aeroplane mentioned that it was not an easy path for Anupriya to reach where she has now, but they made sure to provide her with everything. 

Though we faced severe financial constraints, we never allowed that to come in the way of our children’s education. I allowed my daughter to chase her dream and supported her all through.  I will urge all parents to support their daughters and the choices they make in life and career. 
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Chief minister Naveen Patnaik too took to social media to congratulate Lakra, 

I am happy to learn about the success of Anupriya Lakra. The success achieved by her through dedicated efforts and perseverance is an example for many. 

 Anupriya would initially be posted in Singapore.