A 27-year-old Austrian triathlete, Nathalie Birli, was kidnapped while training near her home by a man driving a red delivery van.

Nathalie was riding her bike when this happened. She said that the attacker drove into her, beat her with a stick and tied her hands with duct tape before forcing her into his van. He then took her to his isolated home.

Source: News.com

Nathalie, who has a 14-week-old son, recalled her ordeal-

When I regained consciousness, I was naked and tied up in an armchair in an old house.

The 33-year-old man blindfolded her, forced her to drink alcohol, tried to suffocate and drown her in a bathtub.

Source: The house where Nathalie said she was driven to | The Sun

However, she somehow managed to pacify her attacker by complimenting his orchids. The compliment turned out to be a life-saving move. The man who was 'filled with hate' suddenly became 'nice to her'. 

He then told her that gardening is his passion and talked about his childhood- 'a dead father, a mother addicted to alcohol and girlfriends who betrayed him.'

Finally, he agreed to let her go and even dropped her home along with the bicycle. The bicycle, which had a GPS system, was used to track the kidnapper's house on early Wednesday by Austria’s Cobra special forces.

Source: The wooded area where Nathalie was training near her home in Austria | The Sun

Nathalie, who returned home with a fractured arm and a head injury, recalled the incident as a 'bad movie', in a Facebook post.

The police are now trying to find out if the man, who suffers from psychiatric issues, attempted any other kidnappings.

You can read her Facebook post here-