The stories coming out of Syria are usually highly distressing and truly heartbreaking. The story of 3-year-old Maria also started similarly, but this is a tale of joy, not of sorrow.

When she was a one-year-old, Maria’s leg was blown off during an airstrike in Syria. The blast that took place in the Raqqa province also killed all her family members.

But that hasn’t kept the little one down. She requires a new prosthetic leg every six months as she grows, and a video of her joyous reaction as she gets a new limb is heartwarming.

In the video, you can hear her therapist ask her how she feels, and Maria responds saying, 

I am beautiful.

Netizens were rightly overjoyed at the video, and praised the little girl’s happiness in the face of misery.

It’s truly heartening to see stories like these in times of strife.