A disaster that occurred 30 years ago, 1984’s Bhopal Gas Tragedy continues to physically deform and mentally disturb generation after generation.An estimated 22,000 people died following the poisonous Methyl Isocynate (MIC) gas leak and more than 570,000 were exposed to damaging levels of toxic gas. For over a decade, Dow Chemicals has absconded from the responsibility it has towards the survivors of the tragedy.

Activists claim that over 5 lakh people currently suffer as an aftermath of the tragedy. Many of the second and third generation children are born with congenital defects, cerebral palsy, and even cancer.Terribly Tiny Tales has joined hands with Amnesty International to ask one pertinent question: #WhereArtDOW?

Do we care only on anniversaries of tragedies?

Why is it always about the money?

Natural disasters instantly kill. Man-made disasters don’t stop killing.

Lives can change forever in a fraction of a second.

What is the least that can be done for the survivors?

Is the US government answerable? Has the Indian government done enough?

Hasn’t the ‘world’s worst industrial disaster’ cost our country enough precious lives?

Is anyone listening?