In what can only be described as heartbreaking, 4-month-old Mohammed Jahaan, passed away after contracting cold during the anti-CAA protests at Delhi's Shaheen Bagh.

Infant dies due to cold after anti caa protests
Source: India Today

Jahaan used to visit the protests with his mother Nazia, and was adored by many who visited the place. 

anti caa protest at shaheen bagh
Source: Times of India

His father Mohammed Arif, who is an embroidery worker and an e-rickshaw driver, told India Today:

I haven't been able to earn enough in the last month despite driving the battery rickshaw in addition to my embroidery work. Now with our baby's demise, we have lost everything.
baby jahaan dies at shaheen bagh
Source: The Print

As he was talking to the reporters, he showed them a picture of young Jahaan wearing a cap that said 'I love my India'.

Meanwhile, Nazia said that her son passed away in his sleep, and they found out he was no more because of his motionless state in the morning.

I had returned from Shaheen Baag at around 1 AM. After putting him and other kids to sleep, even I went to sleep. In the morning, I suddenly found him motionless. He was gone in his sleep.
baby jahaan passes away after catching cold
Source: Outlook

The couple took him to the nearby hospital but he was declared dead on arrival by the doctors.

When asked why she is protesting, Nazia said she is doing it for the future of others' children and hers (she has a 5-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son). She added that Jahaan's demise won't stop her from protesting.