Domestic flight operations in India have finally resumed after two months. 

Many people, across the country, traveled to meet their loved ones and among them was a 5-year-old boy who traveled all alone, from Delhi to Bengaluru to reunite with his parents. 

Vihaan Sharma reunited with his mother, who came to receive him at the airport, after 3 long months. His mother was overjoyed to see him after so long. While speaking to ANI, Manjeesh Sharma, Vihaan’s mother said:

My five-year-old son Vihaan has travelled alone from Delhi, he has come back to Bengaluru after three months. 

Twitter was quite impressed with Vihaan’s confidence and bravery.

The little boy stayed with his grandparents in Delhi when the lockdown was announced. He travelled as a ‘special category passenger’. 

This heartwarming reunion story has made our day.