A 65-year-old resident of Pune couldn’t sop herself from dancing as she tested negative for coronavirus 19 days after being admitted to Aundh Civil Hosptial.

And the fact that she suffers from arthritis didn’t make a difference.

Indian Express

Holding a walking stick in her hand, she broke into a dance as she finally beat the deadly virus.

It is a huge deal, too. The woman doesn’t only have arthritis but also suffers from diabetes and had to be put on oxygen support after she started experiencing breathlessness.


Speaking about her, one of the doctors at the hospital told Indian Express:

When the woman became free of corona status after 19 days. As she gingerly walked out of the hospital and staff stood by, the woman on her own started dancing. We did not stop her from having her moment. She was extremely happy. She danced to express her joy after overcoming the life-threatening challenge.
Curly Tales

Tasting freedom must be nice after days of being at the hospital, suffering from one of the deadliest diseases of our generation. The joy is understandable.