Where people at the age of 75 are usually thinking about savings, pension and taking a back seat, an old lady in Western Australia literally jumped on to the driving seat. 

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Winnie Sampie, a resident of Port Hedland, obtained her provisional license last week just so she could take her sister to the doctors, reports UNILAD

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Though Winnie had learned to drive during her youthful days, she never bothered to get a license made until last week when her sister required regular visits to the doctor's clinic.

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Speaking to NITV, she said: 

I was planning on getting it for a long, long time but I know everybody thought I left it too late.

Despite being determined to get a license, it was difficult for Winnie due to her ripe age. 

She got help from Bloodwood Tree Association, who managed her application process and got her a Learner Permit. 

Tanya Holman, Winnie's instructor, said that Winnie was the oldest participant they ever had. 

She said: 

She had a Learner’s permit [and] she did go to other driving schools, but it gets expensive. A lot of the time, Winnie said she had to stop having lessons. There were big breaks in between. She couldn’t afford it. She’s on a pension.
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Despite struggling a bit with the hazard perception test, simply because she never used a computer, Winnie passed her driving test in the first attempt. 

Ecstatic on achieving that license finally after all these years, Winnie said: 

I’m so proud of myself for achieving that. It took me a long time but I got it. 
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With an approved license, Winnie is now looking forward to having her own car and doing more stuff than she had earlier imagined.