(Note: Please grab your tissues before you read on.) 

An 8-year-old kid named Frankie Morland from Fleet, UK, has recently released a song about climate change on his YouTube channel. And, the lyrics of his song, ‘World In Danger‘, will surely make you think harder about our crumbling planet. 


According to reports, Frankie took the help of his school choir for recording the song. He says he truly wants all of us to look after the world. 

frankie climate change song

And, this is what Twitterati thinks of his song: 

TBH, the lyrics and visuals of his song are very heartbreaking. Especially when he sings the part: 

Climb the trees and breathe the air, let’s all enjoy the world because tomorrow could be a very different day. 

Frankie has been fundraising for the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) since he was 4. And now with his new song, he wants to raise profits to donate for the environmental causes.

The song will release worldwide on December 13, 2019. 

climate change song

Now watch the heart-wrenching video here and pledge to make efforts to save the world.