A Hindu-Muslim, same-sex couple, Adil and Saptarshi stand for everything stereotyping cannot fathom. And they have always known how to keep things hatke .

Right from Saptarshi’s adorable proposal to Adil that we featured a couple of months ago in this article , to their grand Church wedding plans at Santorini, a picturesque island off the coast of Greece, this otherwise ordinary in-love couple has been making headlines. And rightly so.

Because India won’t let them wed here.

Post Supreme Court’s December 11, 2014 ruling in favour of Section 377 of the IPC that criminalises “unnatural sex”, the LGBT community in the country has been left in the lurch.

But just like andha kanoon , love too, is blind. And it finds a way. Here’s a quick chat we had with Saptarshi, on their wedding plans.

What keeps you two together?

That’s a big question. Initially it was just attraction and love, but over a year of living together made us realize how wonderful we are together. The way we keep our house, the way we run errands in the house, the way we take care of our mom (Saptarshi’s mother), and many other such regular moments. We found true partners for life.

Given that you plan to marry abroad, would you also consider settling in another country?

Well, do we have a choice? We cannot think of living in India until it graduates to accept love.

What is the bigger barrier for Indians, in your opinion. Hindu-Muslim divide or same-sex relationships?

The biggest barrier is the mentality of people which lacks love and compassion. And the government does nothing. The issues related to Hindu-Muslim divide or same sex relationships can be attributed to the mentality.

There are just so many things that stand out about this wedding. Hindu-Muslim couple. Same-sex white wedding. In Greece. Are you going out of the way to break stereotypes?

I am simply following my heart without hurting anyone. I loved without keeping any criteria in mind. It’s just love.

Are your parents willing to accept Adil as their son-in-law, and vice-versa?

My parents have already accepted him and we stay together like any other family, and people who know say my mother is blessed with two sons. And I am sure it will be the same for him as time goes by.

An article mentions that 3-weeks after you two met, SC put 377 in force again. Did it affect your relationship?

It had no impact on our hope for love and to live a life we yearned for. If not my country, some other country will definitely accept our love.

Are you going to reveal your marriage once your return to India?

Is it any less revealed now ? 😉

Where did you get the idea for ‘The Proposal’?

I have always been on the lookout for love. I had seen a proposal video long back. Since then, I’ve wanted to do something similar and make it very special to cherish it for life.

If you had to describe your bond through one song or one movie title, what would it be?

How about ‘Aashayein’? From the movie Iqbal.

While we’re glad Saptarshi and Adil found each other, and can wed now, there’s a nagging question we cannot overlook.

What of the same-sex couples who cannot afford a wedding abroad? Are they destined to lead loveless lives?

Why can’t we be more tolerant?

All images sourced from Saptarshi’s Facebook account, with due permission.