Surgeons in MP’s Jabalpur successfully operated on a 4-day-old infant, born with a giant sized tongue, that could’ve choked him to death.

Aparajit Lodhi was born with a rare inborn disorder called Macroglossia, that caused his tongue to swell so big that it clogged his mouth. He was put on external breathing apparatus by the hospital to be kept alive. 

A team of surgeons removed the tumor causing the enlargement in the tongue in an operation that lasted for about two hours. 

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In a statement to, Dr Agarwal, head of hospital’s pediatric and newborn surgery department, said the baby that was not even able to breathe or swallow anything  in his mother’s womb due to this condition. 

Reportedly, this rare condition occurs in only one in 500,000 live births. 

The baby was treated with sugar water after the successful surgery. The infant’s mother who was terrified to learn about her baby’s condition initially is now elated with her child’s recovery. 

(Feature image source: Youtube/Rosse-LA)