When Devendra Fadnavis became the 18th chief minister of Maharashtra in October 2014, he was the second youngest ever to claim the position, after Sharad Pawar who achieved it at 38.

But Fadnavis’s rather large frame didn’t quite live up to this title.

What’s worse, some appearances upped the awkward quotient by several notches…

And to think he was a ‘model’ for a garment store just a decade ago! Not cool

modelled for a

But Fadnavis has done an Anant Ambani. Since February, he has managed to knock off a whopping 18 kilos! From 122 kg, he is going on 104.

See a very recent image of him below and see the difference:

The media, which once called him “flabby” and “doughty”, is hailing the new avatar

Fadnavis is not done yet; he is on his way to lose even more, till he reaches his goal of 80-90 kilos

Fadnavis has struggled with weight for long. He is a big foodie, and has already once undergone bariatric surgery to remove fat.

His wife Amruta also worries about his weight. She told TOI in 2014, “I wouldn’t like him to go under the knife once again to cut the fat. He has to eat properly.”

It seems Fadnavis has heeded his wife’s advice. For reports say his weight loss has come about through work outs and a proper meal plan.

This is how Fadnavis achieved his new shape

As per reports in Mumbai Mirror and Mid-Day

  • He takes a mix of medicines to enhance metabolism
  • He is on a targeted diet which suits his body type and activity level
  • He eats three times a day, and a diet that is a balance of proteins (paneer, lentils, chicken, fish), fats, fibre (green vegetables, low-glycemic fruits like pomegranate, apple and jamun) and minimised carbohydrates (bhakri, chapati, wholewheat bread)
  • Fadnavis doesn’t crave for sweets, and is allowed one cup of tea a day
  • He is training under the guidance of Mumbai-based celebrity fitness trainer Mickey Mehta
  • He works out for two hours a week and does a lot of breathing exercises, agility-and-strength training and sport stretches