Sorry Mumbai, no David Guetta for you too! 

A day after DJ and music producer David Guetta’s concert was cancelled in Bengaluru, his Mumbai concert, scheduled for Friday, has also been cancelled, reported ANI.

The Mumbai Police in its statement has said that the concert was called off as Sunburn, the organisers, failed to fulfill the mandatory requirements to organise the show.

Guetta’s Bengaluru concert, that was scheduled for Thursday, had been scrapped with the organisers citing “law and order situation” following the mass molestation incident during New Year’s Eve as the reason.

After the Bengaluru cancellation, a disappointed Guetta had tweeted:

Guetta is on a four-city tour which was expected to begin from Bengaluru and then move to Mumbai, Hyderabad and New Delhi. 

With his Bengaluru and Mumbai gigs cancelled, let’s see if Hyderabad and New Delhi fans have better luck! The Hyderabad concert is scheduled for Saturday (14 January) and New Delhi for Sunday (15 January).