After the whole nation observed Janta curfew on Sunday, March 22, a fake message about the event is being circulated on WhatsApp. The message is similar to what we have seen during Diwali every year which claims that NASA is sharing visuals of India from space.

India Times

Now, a new message is being circulated with similar lines, stating ‘NASA satellite videos LIVE telecast have shown that the coronavirus is retreating in India thanks to the people’s efforts at 5 PM on 22nd March.’


The message continues, ‘The cosmic level sound waves generated have been detected by NASA’s SD13 wave detector and a recently made bio-satellite has shown COVID-19 strain diminishing and weakening.’

In case you are confused with the message, you should know that the message is absolutely fake. 

According to News18, NASA did not record any sounds of India’s clamour. Also, NASA does not own any such thing called SD-13 Wave Detector.

With more and more people joining social media, it’s high time that we should start cross-checking the information that we see every day on platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook.