When AIB wish to promote themselves, they lean on profanity and double meaning jokes. They do not raise their arms and hail ‘AIB impact’ with exaggerated statements. The gesture they used will make you ask yourself, “Who are these people and what have they done to the real comedians?”

You may want to pat them on their back for concentrating on the necessity for sex education in India, but it seems to differ diametrically from their previous view. When an AIB fan had once asked them about making sex education compulsory in India, Bhat had replied,”That’s what we need, one more subject for kids to fail in.” 

Here’s what they said then:

And this is what they said in their recent episode: 

There’s a vast difference between patriotism and jingoism, and who else but Shakya can explain it better. 

“Patriotism is like going to Comic Con dressed as Darth Vader and jingoism is cutting off your son’s arm because he doesn’t like Star Wars.”

And AIB seem to clearly understand the demarcation. Recently, when Narendra Modi did not stand at attention when the national anthem was being played in Russia, and many started a trend against the PM, Shakya merely said, ‘kafi Rahul Gandhi wali harkaat’. 

Even while speaking about the time when a family was thrown out of a movie hall for not standing up during the national anthem, they rightfully pointed out that the real annoying person in a theatre is the one who talks nonsense continuously while a film is being screened.