There are three types of people you usually find in the month of December. The guy with huge plans for the new year, the guy with no plans for the new year and the guy who makes a plan out of peer pressure. At the end of the day, though, new year celebrations are often an exaggerated version of what really happens.

That's how the English version of On Air With AIB began and in typical fashion, it is totally worth your time. Of course, that isn't all.

Maybe for the first time people will see AIB comedians insult each other on screen. It's (probably) scripted But still a lot of fun.

Check out the other best moments right over here:

The guy with no plans for new year was compared with Hrithik Roshan during Karva Chauth.

When the people of Assam were drowning in floods, mainstream media was counting Indrani Mukherjea's ex husbands and lovers.

Do you know why a flush tank belonging to Dawood Ibrahim is worth 2 crores?