Imagine a gut-wrenching moment when your comforted self is enjoying the ethereal view of the clouds when the airplane door pops open. 

DNA India

Yes, this spine-chilling moment is no fiction but a reality. A shocking video from Brazil has gone viral online where passengers are seen holding the plane door after it suddenly flies open mid air. 

Reportedly, the plane was an Embraer 110 Bandeirante, a twin-turbo prop light aircraft with a capacity of 15-21 passengers, designed for military and civil purposes. 

India Times

On April 14, the flight from Jordao was heading towards Rio Branco when a handrail accidentally hit the engine’s propeller, flinging the airplane door open mid-air. The pilot had to shut down the left engine for the rest of the journey. Horrified, passengers held on to the door for a good 20 minutes until the flight landed. 

In the 45-seconds video widely shared online, two passengers are seen holding the door while the remaining are exceptionally calm despite the gravitas of the incident. 

The flight landed safely and no injuries were reported.