Talking about weird and rather innovative things politicians do as a way of publicity, this one takes the cake.

To celebrate his four years in power, the Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav has launched a limited-edition perfume – the first for any political party.

It’s called ‘Samajwadi Sugandh’ – after the party’s name. But curiously, it will be available only to ministers in the state and bureaucrats.

Launched on 15 March, the perfume has four fragrances. “Each bottle of perfume captures the fragrance of four different cities—Agra, Lucknow, Benares and Kannauj,” Yadav said at the launch.

It comes in a pack of four bottles cased in a wooden box. Each box contains 50ml of each perfume and the initial production is only of 5,000 boxes.

He further told the paper, “We have Samajwadi ambulances, Samajwadi laptops have also been distributed, even rivers are Samajwadi as they do not discriminate between people while serving them. The Samajwadi fragrance will also work towards eliminating any kind of discrimination between people. We will use it but someone else will get the fragrance.”

A senior official said, “The perfume will not be open for sale. It will be the chief minister’s gift to his visitors, guests and dignitaries.” 

Puneet Jain, an award-winning perfumer who is behind the project, said, “The chief minister and I discussed the idea of these perfumes about two years ago. We finalised the icons and then began a long and historical study into the fragrances that could be identified with these icons.”

With inputs from PTI