Like the models in Vogue, animals too have to be extraordinarily thin with shiny skin to make it to the magazine cover. The American Pharaoh, the best horse breed known for its participation in horse races, recently posed for the magazine and has become a topic of discussion now.

After Vogue uploaded the photo on Instagram, compliments aside, the magazine came under fire for featuring ‘sickly’ image of American Pharaoh.

As reported by ESPN , the American Pharaoh, from the family of thoroughbred, has been on the cover pages of various magazines like Sports Illustrated and People .

The stallion had won the American Triple Crown in 2015, and carries unicity in its appearance. These two reasons are enough for the stallion to make it to Vogue.

Vogue has always been more focused on women who are shiny, skinny with sharp or bold features. Maybe, this latest initiative to focus on beauty of animals but preferably without accessorising them, isn’t a bad idea.

However, isn’t it more important for the magazine to write and click photos for those who can read and be inspired from it? Will animals ever be inspired by another animal with the help of a photograph?

Maybe if Vogue would have covered a theme based on women who are not skinny, yet beautiful, that edition may have been more inspiring? After all if the fat in one’s breast is considered attractive, why not the fat that lies below it?

Feature image source: Vogue