If we could, we would all give being quarantined a hard pass. But it is for our good and so we’ve learned how to be optimistic through it all. 

Despite being in a lockdown, there are a few positive consequences to it that are holding us afloat. 

1. The earth is healing itself 

And so when we finally get out, we’ll be greeted with cleaner hair and a thriving environment. Who else is looking forward to sunrise by the sea?

2. We’re getting a chance to spend quality time with our loved ones

Though the quarantine may not be our choice, the chance to spend quality time with our families and play games, cook together and help each other cope is. 

3. The opportunity to cook healthier homemade food

We’re all making time to cook ourselves our favourite food. And because we are in-charge of what is going into this food, we’re using healthier ingredients. 

4. A chance to re-connect with old friends

We now have ample free time on our hands, and an excuse to text an old friend and ask if they’re doing fine. 

5. The chance to pick up a new or a long forgotten old skill

That guitar you got for your 16th birthday? Now is the time to begin strumming it. You don’t have to pick up something professionally, just a new hobby like learning a language, to keep you occupied. 

6. Watch all the movies and TV shows you’ve been wanting to but ‘never had the time’ 

Even if you are working from home, you are saving up the time you spend on travelling to and fro from work. So now you have two extra hours to watch your favourite show.

7. An opportunity to do something good

There are NGOs and funds set up around the world to help those who have been hit by the pandemic. You can donate to those, or just simply ask your elderly neighbours if they need any help. The possibilities are endless. 

8. A reason to look forward to the future

Making a list and checking it twice. This pandemic has given us a chance to look forward to the finer things in life that we often took forgranted. Like a trip with our friends, a Saturday night out or a visiting a movie theatre. 

9. We now have our own workout routines

Mine involves three loads of dishes and a 15-minute meditation. It’s not much but it is much more than what I was doing before. We’ve all found our fitness rhythm at home. 

10. Finding happiness in the simple, smaller things in life

We don’t have much at our disposal right now. But we’re all staying sane by finding joy and happiness in simple things around us. Like stepping out into the balcony with a cup of tea or taking our pet for a walk. 

What’s the best thing that has happened to you in quarantine?