A couple of days back, a concerned consumer called Neha Tomar posted a complaint against Amul regarding one of their products on Facebook.

Here’s the screenshot of her original post. In her post, she requests other customers to stop purchasing Amul products, labeling them “deadly.”

But we sure didn’t expect what happened next.

1. Amul begin by questioning her date of purchase/date of complaint.

2. They mentioned how they made all the necessary checks and present their case convincingly.

3. Then, they gave us all a little science lesson about what goes into their milk.

They even made a video about it.

4. Amul ends the note by accusing her of ‘concealing’ information.

While this could very well be the brand-comeback-of-the-millennium, Neha Tomar hasn’t given up just yet. Here’s her latest post.

This looks like it may go on for a while.

BTW, Amul seems to have gained a lot of social media brownie points, not to mention fans,from this episode.

Don’t believe us? Look at this.

Looks like Goliath stole the show after all. “Par picture abhi baaki hai mere dost…” We’ll update this story if it develops.