Watching Arnab Goswami on prime time – no matter if he is discussing an actor’s alleged drug use or accusing the Thackerays – it is almost always painful to watch him on prime time television. 

Let’s not forget his ‘sheer suddenness’ statement about the banned Chinese apps in India, that turned him into a meme overnight. 

But do you remember a time when Arnab Goswami didn’t progressively raise his voice to make a point? Well, we don’t either. But this video has reminded us of what journalism once looked like. 

A clip from Star News, where Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai can be seen hosting a political panel has resurfaced. Both journalists can be seen getting along well and making valid points. 

There is not a single moment throughout the video where you’ll find the need to cringe and immediately turn the volume down. And though panelists can be seen disagreeing, nobody raises their voice or starts an argument. It’s almost surreal. 

Watch the full video here:

We can’t believe this actually happened! The good old days sure did have a few things we miss.