For decades, residents of this tiny hamlet in Andhra Pradesh, waited for the government to build a motorable road for them.

When they saw nothing coming from the government, they decided to build a road for themselves. 

India Today

For this, the tribal villagers of 14 habitats in Chintamala pooled ₹2,000 each and collected ₹10 lakh. A report by India Today suggests that some of the villagers even had to sell or mortgage their jewellery to manage the meagre sum.

They have apparently started the construction of a 5 km-long road that will connect them to the other parts of the state.


Chintamala is a hilltop village and its residents were struggling for years in the absence of road connectivity.

On learning about the efforts put in by the villagers, the Integrated Tribal Development Agency has promised a ₹10 lakh-fund towards road, water and sanitation facilities in the hamlet.