After clashes took place at the border between the Indian and the Chinese soldiers, a lot of people came out to show their support against China and their products. 

People on social media shared how they’re supporting the movement by getting rid of Chinese products they own. 

In a recent video that’s been doing rounds on social media, people can be seen throwing what is supposed to be a China-made Television from their balcony to the ground. People then proceed to stamp on it, smash it. 

Take a look. This video is from Surat. 

People were also heard chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jai as they destroy the TV thrown on the ground. 

This video definitely grabbed eyeballs but, it has received mixed reactions. While some people said it was the right thing to do, others believed that smashing the TV was not necessary to prove a point. 

Some people are also uninstalling Chinese apps from their phones to show their support. 

Earlier today, Intel agencies red-flagged the use of 52 mobile apps with links to China.