The flood situation in Assam has taken a deadly turn as it affected 17 districts and over 4.23 lakh people on Thursday (11th July, 2019). According to TOI, no casualties have been reported on Thursday so far but relief and rescue operations are underway.  Here are some things that you can do if you are living in Assam or in near by states to provide some help and relief from your end. 

1. If possible, stay indoors and wait for official authorities to arrive. 

Please don’t venture outside during a flood situation. You may get stranded in flood waters. Make sure all your doors and windows are locked securely but, if the water level inside your house also rises, find a higher ground immediately. Also, don’t leave children and elderly people alone, without any supervision. Make sure your family members are safe and sound.

2. Don’t drive under any circumstances. 

Please avoid driving in a flood situation at any cost because it is extremely dangerous. Your car may shut down and you may end up being stranded all alone, if water enters the engine of your car. If the water level around your car rises, abandon it immediately and look for a higher ground.

3. Keep an emergency food and water supply kit ready. 

You should have a food and water supply kit ready just in case the situation doesn’t improve. You should keep food items that can last for more than a day or two with you. If you run out of drinking water, collect rain water and boil it first, before drinking it. Also, keep a medical kit handy. 

4. Please provide help and shelter to others who are in need of it. 

Don’t just help yourself and family members, if possible, you must help strangers if they are in a dire situation. Provide them with food and shelter if they need it. Helping others is also equally important and it won’t do you any harm so mind it.

5. If you see someone or an animal stranded in the floods, call the official authorities immeditaely. 

Contact the official authorities if you see someone or an animal struggling for survival. Please don’t waste any time during such situations because even a small delay could mean death.

6. If you are indoors, make sure you switch off power supply from the main circuit. 

There are high chances of being electrocuted during a flood situation so if water enters your house, you must immediately switch off all switches and turn off the main power circuit.

7. If you are living in a different state and want to help the people of Assam please make a donation online. 

Oxfam India  is an online portal through which you can make online donations for relief operations. Click here to make a donation if you want to help people who are in need of medical attention, food and shelter. Do your bit.

8. Monitor the flood situation at regular intervals by listening to the local news or the local radio. 

In case of any emergency, dial 0361-2237219, toll free no: 108 & 1070.

Join hands in helping flood victims who are stranded and in dire need of help.