No matter how much we progress, Indians always give in to superstitions.

In one such ridiculous practice, a self-styled godman who allegedly hugged and kissed women on the pretext of curing their problems has been arrested on 22 August 2018, by the Assam police.


Ram Prakash Chauhan, aka the Kissing Baba, claimed to cure women’s physical and psychological problems with his Chamatkari Chumban.

He also claimed that he acquired his supernatural powers from Lord Vishnu and that he also promised to solve marital discord with his powers. 

Around a month back, he had built a temple in his house in Bhoraltup village, Morigaon. He rose to fame after that and became popular among villagers for his ‘kiss therapy’.


Police have also arrested his mother for spreading news of her son’s supposed superpowers acquired from the Lord Vishnu that could be transmitted in the form of kisses for women seeking any cure.


This is another example when self-styled godmen take undue advantage of Indians and their beliefs in superstitions.