Audis are great luxury cars. But turns out, more often than not, the people driving them aren’t the best when it comes to courtesy.

study by Van Monster in the UK found that people who drive Audi cars are the least honest, competent and considerate on the road.

JP media

2,000 drivers were surveyed to find the link between bad driving and car brands. It was found out that Audi drivers are most likely to commit 17 out of 33 driving misdemeanours that include not owning up to causing damage, parking across two spaces or parking on double yellow lines outside schools. 

They were also the second-most likely to throw stuff out of the window, just topped by Nissan drivers. 


Following Audi drivers, Land Rover drivers were the second-worst offenders. They were most likely to open their car door onto someone else’s and knock or break a wing mirror on another car. While Volvo drivers proved to be the safest and most responsible, closely followed by Hyundai and Honda drivers. 


Let’s hope this study is not true, if you’re an Audi owner.