One of the main complaints of a lot of us stuck inside with nothing to do has been the unavailability of alcohol (first world problems, I know). Oh, to feel the sweet burn of a vodka lime, or the gentle drowse of a beer on a sunny day! Goddammit, I miss alcohol. Some countries have left the gates to the thekas wide open however, and news from those lands are truly painful to read. 

I’m talking about Australia, where the people have been asked to limit themselves to buying just 12 bottles of wine and two cases of beer a day, according to Business Standard.

Just 12 bottles?! Just 2 cases?! Per fucking day? I’m sorry, are they trying to piss the entire Indian population off? While we sit here washing down our maggi with Fanta (yuck), the folks down under  are straight up inhaling wine bottles by the dozen.

The West

The ‘stricter rules’ were imposed after the country saw people panic-buying large amounts of alcohol in view of uncertainty over the coronavirus.


Fuckin’ hell, m8. Have a good one then – pints on the barbie and all that.