JNU’s student union leader Kanhaiya Kumar has been grabbing headlines for weeks now. While some are literally baying for his blood, some others are hailing him as a national hero. Both the support and the opposition have been extreme.

b’Kanhaiya Kumar / twitter’

So it’s not surprising that all that Kanhaiya now says or does is picked up instantly by the media – both mainstream and social. His old speeches are resurfacing and his past views on all and sundry are being discussed. 

Amid all this, this one image is doing the rounds on social media which, some users have decided, is enough to malign his credibility as a student icon and, for that matter, even as a person with any morals.

What’s worse is that the photo was first published by the Hindi media house Punjab Kesari as “controversial”. 

This is the image:

However, it now shows as deleted on the website. Comments on the link, however, remain with many slamming the media house for it.

There are a lot of issues in this incident – right from the photo’s publication to reactions on the image on the social media. We’ll first take a look at some of the disgusting things users have tweeted:

To begin with, the image itself has no problem. If anything, it’s just a casual conversation between two people. In fact, even if it was something else, how does that make the couple lacking in moral values??

Next, let alone checking out the veracity of the claim, users have decided the woman is Kanhaiya’s teacher in JNU. Some comments are saying the woman is a fellow student of Kanhaiya, but that’s not the point. She might be anybody. And we are sure she is utterly shocked and depressed over this.

Thirdly, if you dislike Kanhaiya and do not adhere to his ideology, why not criticise his views instead?

The pic going viral is just another instance of disgusting moral policing and highlight the dangers in the world of social media. 

Kanhaiya Kumar too spoke out about the photo in a video uploaded yesterday:

Feature image source: Screenshot