A 70-year-old beggar in Mumbai lost a major portion of his wealth after fire broke out in his hut in the northern suburb of Kalyan. 

According to a report by The Times of India, three sacks filled with notes and coins in denominations ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 50 were completely burned as a result of the fire. The police aren’t sure about the exact amount of his loss but estimate it could tun into thousands.

The report also says that Mohammed Rehman used to work as a carpenter but had to leave his job due to health troubles. His son refused to take care of his parents forcing Rehman and his wife Fatima to beg on the streets.

Here is the video:

On the day of the incident, Fatima, who was the only person inside the hut, managed to escape unhurt. But she wasn’t aware about the sacks of cash so didn’t attempt to save them. 

Rehman’s neighbours threw water to try control the fire and finally alerted the fire brigade, who doused the flames. A fireman said two gunny bags were completely burnt, but they managed to salvage half of the bank notes in the third bag, reports NDTV.

However, Rehman is blaming his neighbours for the fire saying that they wanted to get all his money.

“They found out I had the money, that’s why they started the fire,” Rehman said.