In a first, a man from Uttar Pradesh filed for divorce on grounds that his wife, under the influence of a tantric (shaman), only gave him laddoos to eat every day. 

The couple have been married for 10 years and have 3 children, reports News18


Approaching a family court, the man alleged that his wife was under the influence of a shaman and on his orders has been feeding him four laddoos in the morning and four in the evening. 

He complained that he was not allowed to eat anything else in between. 


According to sources, the man has been ailing for quite some time and his wife approached the shaman to seek help. The shaman then advised her to make him eat only the laddoos


The reason of divorce came as a surprise for the officials and they were puzzled on how to reach a solution. They quipped: 

We can call the couple for counselling, but we cannot treat the woman for being superstitious. She firmly believes that laddoos will cure her husband and is unwilling to accept otherwise.