Bengalis rejoice. The yummilicious dessert staple, Nolen Gur, is now available in tubes of various sizes thanks to Chief Mamata Banerjee’s ‘Biswa Bangla’ Project. 

And the responses on Twitter ranged from merry-making courtesy non-resident Bengalis to unhappiness thanks to the conformists.  

The Bengal government reportedly has approached Indian Institute of Packaging for increasing the shelf life the the liquid gur. And it can now stay fresh for 90 days!

Every non-resident Bengali’s secret santa from Bengal was expected to bring a pack of the goody. But preserving the date palm jaggery has been a challenge which is expected to have been solved with this packaging. 

With the introduction of tubes a larger Indian diaspora can now share in the happiness of Bengal’s best kept secret. 

Some Twitterati were keen to try out the Nolen gur variant:

But not everyone was happy: