Y M Narayana, a former driver with the Commercial Tax Department, and a resident of Yemaluru, took to driving an autorickshaw after his retirement. 

According to a report by The Hindu, a 67-year-old autorickshaw driver from Bengaluru was beaten to death by another auto driver, for allegedly having charged his customers correct fares for their rides.

Deccan Herald

He was known to offer rides to his customers at reasonable fares and this led to some jealousy among his co-drivers.

Deccan Chronicle

Last Wednesday, another auto driver at the stand, Babu, got into a heated argument with Narayana for charging low fares. Things intensified when Babu allegedly started beating Narayana, who fell to the ground after having sustained several blows and kicks.

He succumbed to his injuries after he was taken to the hospital by other fellow auto drivers.


Speaking to The Hindu, the police officials talked about his conduct. They said:

“He was friendly with commuters and would help them out because of which he was very popular in the area. The other autorickshaw drivers, who would charge exorbitant fares, felt that Narayana was ruining their business. They were also envious of his popularity, as people would ask for him first.”

Later, his daughter filed a police complaint and reportedly, Babu has been arrested on the charges of murder.