Ever since the lockdown was announced, migrant workers have been facing all kinds of problems. They are struggling to find food, shelter and help. 

Now, all they want to do is go back home to their families and we wonder if that is too much to ask? 

A chilling video has come to light where a cop from Bengaluru can be seen kicking and slapping migrant workers, who were demanding to return home. 

According to reports, a few migrant workers gathered at the KG Halli Police Station and they requested the police to make arrangements for their return to Uttar Pradesh. 

They said they wouldn’t leave until arrangements are made for them. At first, Assistant sub-inspector of police Raja Saheb tried to convince them to leave the police station but when they didn’t listen to him, he lost his cool.


Mr Raja Saheb kicked and slapped two migrant workers and forced them to leave the premises. 

Speaking about the incident, Dr SD Sharanappa, a senior cop, said that ASI Raja Saheb has been suspended and a departmental inquiry has been initiated against him.

The viral video has also sparked outrage on Twitter. While some users were not happy with the cops inhumane approach, others said suspension is not enough. 

It’s disheartening to see how migrant workers are being treated by some. Let’s give them the respect they deserve. That’s the least we can do.