In a shocking case of reckless driving in Bengaluru, a 55-year-old doctor crashed into four vehicles,  killed one and injured four – all in a matter of six minutes and over just two kilometres. NS Shankar, an orthopedician, was arrested on Sunday after the incident. 

The incident took place happened in the Jayanagar area of south Bengaluru on Sunday afternoon around 2 pm when Shankar took out his new Mercedes C-200 (KA-01-MR-9186) for a drive. 

He first hit a car and two two-wheelers, but continued to drive on. He then rammed into the rear of a taxi another 1.5 km away, but kept going and then struck another two-wheeler. The two-wheeler rider was injured, and the cab hit the wall of a house, damaging a pillar.

But the doctor continued to speed on, and about a kilometre away, struck a married couple who were standing at a stall drinking tea. 52-year-old Mohammed Rizwan Khan, was killed in the accident, while his wife’s leg was fractured.

The car finally came to a halt stopped only if the doctor he drove into the wall of a house. Fortunately, the residents of the house were away. Local residents who had gathered at the spot pulled the doctor out of the car and attacked him. The police later arrived and took the doctor into custody.

Dr Shankar’s domestic help, Sarita, and her two-year-old son were also in the car. Both suffered minor injuries because the air bags in the front seats had deployed following the accident.

Tests conducted by the police to check whether the doctor was drunk were inconclusive and his blood samples have been sent for forensic tests. According to a report in Deccan Chronicle, the doctor is allegedly trying to mislead the cops saying someone injected with a drug while he was driving, and he had no clue about what was happening.

The domestic help, Sarita, reportedly told the police that the doctor was rushing to attend a patient, but suffered from an epileptic seizure while he was driving. 

Feature image  of the accident spot: twitter