The digital world's main agenda is to make our lives convenient. From buying groceries online to going on dates, everything is just a click away. And now, apparently, there is a website that caters to married folks out there by giving them the option of having an extra-marital affair.

The website named Gleeden is where you can sign up to do the dirty deed and is apparently owned and run by an all-women team. Their homepage also states that it's completely free for women.

Whereas the men need to be evaluated by the women and they even have 'relationship' experts on board to provide advice. Right from 'adventurers' to 'happily married', the website is catering to all sorts of people.

Source: Bonobology

According to reports, 43,200 women just from Bengaluru have signed up for the website and for men, the number stands at 91,800. 

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Gleeden conducted a study where the results showed that 1.35 lakh Bangaloreans were indulging in extra-marital affairs making it the 'infidelity capital' of the country.

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The website's study also concludes that women are looking for 'excitement and freedom' outside their marriage.

Although, some people are questioning the website's study and stating that the website can only be used by tech-savvy people and having an extra-marital affair is possible anywhere. This leads them to believe that Bengaluru might not be the 'infidelity capital of India' after all, since people could be having affairs in other cities without using the website too.

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