In a warm gesture, Bengaluru City Police gave guard of honour to 5 terminally ill children and made them commissioner for a day to motivate them to fight their diseases. 

The initiative was proposed by the Make A Wish foundation, which was readily accepted by Bangalore commissioner Bhaskar Rao.

Bangalore commissioner Bhaskar Rao with the kids
Source: India Today

The kids were also given uniforms, made to sit on the commissioner's chair and sign a few mock documents to make them happy.

Kids performing the duties of commissioner
Source: Times of India

However, possibly the sweetest gesture was to make them meet the dog squad and allowing them to pet the furry creatures.

Kids playing the dog squad
Source: Times of India

Speaking about the event, Commissioner Bhaskar Rao told India Today:

This will also empathise our force. We took them around the office and both the children and officers were happy. We gave them a guard of honor as is received by every police commissioner.
Bengaluru commissioner with one of the kids
Source: Daily World

Oh, how we appreciate this lovely initiative.