With Indians stranded in many places abroad, efforts have been on to bring them back. These have been mammoth exercises considering the health, safety and coordination required. It feels like a logistical nightmare, and one that many wouldn’t really know about considering it is an unprecedented situation.

To that end, 26-year-old Meghana Manjunath, who returned from London to Bengaluru recently on an Air India flight, recounted her experience on Twitter so people would have a better idea.

On May 11, Air India flight carrying 323 arrived from London in Bengaluru after a stopver in Delhi.

She was quite meticulous in her documentation of the entire experience.

Once they landed, they had to wait for an hour to get off the plane, exiting 2 rows at a time to maintain social distancing.

Manjunath, an architecture student at the University of Sheffield, then described the rest of the facilities provided, regarding lodging and pricing.

Once they’re at the lodging, daily health checkups are done consisting of swab tests, which claims were not painful at all.

To minimise contact with staff, food is left outside the door, and other measures are taken at the hotel.

It’s good to know that she managed to make her way back to India, and that there is hope for others. Considering the massive scale of this operation, it seems to have gone as well as hoped. In the end, the most important aspect is the health and safety of everyone involved.