The entire country is grappling with the problem of potholes. And while we wait for the authorities to take some action and make things better, a traffic policeman in Bhatinda has taken this responsibility upon himself.

The Tribune

Gurbaksh Singh, a traffic policeman, is going beyond the call of duty to fill up potholes on the roads of Bhatinda to avoid accidents.


According to a report by The Tribune, Gurbaksh was inspired to do this when he noticed a two-wheeler lose balance after driving over a pothole near the Liberty Chowk in Bhatinda.

Seeing the riders escape an accident narrowly, Gurbaksh decided to fill up these potholes on his own.

The Logical Indian

You can see him, along with another traffic policeman Mohammad Singh, filling up potholes at various locations in the city during the day. Till now, he has filled up potholes in several areas like the Bhagu Road, Liberty Chowk, Dana Mandi and on the highway leading to his village Buladhewala.

Talking to The Tribune, Gurbaksh said that his only aim is to prevent road mishaps and ensure safety of the commuters.

“It will be so unfortunate if somebody dies due to a pothole. If the authorities concerned have not been doing enough, as a responsible citizen, we have to shoulder the responsibility and start repair of these potholes. I am not sure whether it is a small or big contribution. All I want to serve society by just doing my bit.”

Gurbaksh not only fills potholes, but also makes sure to clean broken pieces of glass from roads. He is also known to help elderly and disabled people cross the road at the Liberty Chowk, where he is deployed at present.

A policeman and an aware citizen, Gurbaksh Singh is setting the right example for many others.