He knocks the door thrice, even if it is opened. He behaves like a robot and laughs as if he is running out of air. All this makes Jim Parsons a very popular actor and a rich one too. With a whopping earning of $29 million, for playing Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, Parsons has topped the Forbes list of highest paid TV actors in 2015 in the male category .

Parsons’ salary this year has put him at par with famous Hollywood actors Leonardo Di Caprio ($29 million) and Johnny Depp ($30 million) as reported by The Sunday Morning Herald .

Though Parsons leads the pack, the rest of his co-stars aren’t far behind. Johnny Galecki, with an earning of $1 million per episode, earned the second place in Forbes at $27 million. Simon Helberg, with an earning of $100,000 per episode, and Kunal Nayyar, with an earning of $800,000 per episode, also made it to the fourth and fifth position respectively with $20 million each.

Forbes has further mentioned that their ranks could climb higher in the coming years with the additional increases in the show’s ninth and tenth seasons.

Be it on television or in the real world, nerds are really making a big bang!