A petitioner has sued Lord Ram for renouncing his wife Sita.

The bizarre case has been filed at a court in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district.

b’Laxman, Lord Ram and Sita, in Ramayana’

The petitioner, a Sitamarhi advocate named Thakur Chandan Singh, has also sued Lord Ram’s brother Laxman, for helping Ram in this and “insulting” Sita without verifying facts.

“The Devi was exiled (given ‘vanvasa’) for no fault of hers. It was a hypocritical order from king Rama. How can a man become so cruel to his wife that he sends her off to live in a forest?” Singh says in the complaint.

The court is set to hear the case today, and decide whether to accept the plea or reject it. 

According to DNA, Chandan has claimed that injustice towards women began in Treta Yug (When Lord Rama ruled Ayodhya), and said that until the women from Treta Yug are not given justice, women in Kalyug won’t get it either.

Not surprisingly, the incident has left the social media in splits. Let’s look at some of these reactions: