There seems to be no end to our political leaders’ ‘recommended’ suggestions and advisories for people across all quarters. So, here is Usha Thakur, an MLA from Madhya Pradesh who comes from the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party (the party which also boasts of a list of leaders with the foot-in-mouth disease).

On the occasion of Bakr-Eid, the MLA requested Muslims to shun the practise of sacrificing animals. Instead, she asked people to sacrifice their sons. While it does makes sense to suggest that if one can’t create, one must not kill any being, she makes another strange point with what she says next. She advises Muslims to refrain from going to Durga Puja pandals because idol worship is against their religion.

Here is what Usha Thakur she said:

While it is perfectly okay for Thakur to talk about vegetarianism and the practise of non-violence, sacrificing sons instead of animals is devoid of any human logic. Thakur’s advise to Muslims on Durga Puja is equally absurd.

Ms. Thakur, thank you for the advice. Please let people decide what, how and why should a person from any faith should or should not celebrate any festival.

The gods aren’t getting offended. And silence is a virtue.