Space - the final frontier.It feels like we wake up every day to news of some asteroid or the other that's just about ready to destroy earth, but then decides to go its own way. Now however, there's something else that's piqued people's attention.

According to The Atlantic, astronomers have discovered a black hole just 1,000 light-years away from Earth. In terms of space, that's super close.

To get a better understanding of just how relatively close this black hole is, we need to talk about the ones that are most famous. The black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy is more than 25,000 light-years away, and the black hole that astronomers captured last year is 55 million light-years away.

Source: Science News

This black hole resides in a constellation named Telescopium, and astronomers had a hard time finding it as black holes are invisible.

Source: The Atlantic

There's no need to panic however - despite its proximity to Earth, it's not close enough to gobble us up. In fact, there are probably 100s of millions of black holes in our galaxy.

Pretty reassuring, right? Right?

Source: Express

People had some interesting things to say about it.

It's a discomfiting thought that there are a bunch of planet-eating entities just floating around space. Best not to dwell on it, I suppose.